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Examples of fun rewards include: Buying a new record or treating yourself to a movie or concert , a fun night out with a special friend or loved one, a long weekend away from home, a nice piece of jewelry you've always wanted, a new car, an extended vacation or cruise. Let your mind run wild! Remember, you're going to have more money to spend now that you're not buying cigarettes.

No matter how you do it, make sure you reward yourself in some way. It helps to remind yourself that what you're doing is important.

5. Use positive thoughts - If self-defeating thoughts start to creep in, remind yourself again that you're a nonsmoker, that you don't want to smoke, and that you have good reasons for it. Putting yourself down and trying to hold out through willpower alone are not effective coping techniques. Mobilize the power of positive thinking!

6. Use relaxation techniques - Breathing exercises help to reduce tension. Instead of having a cigarette, take a long deep breath, count to 10, and release it. Repeat this five times. See how much more relaxed you feel?

7. Get social support - The commitment to remain a nonsmoker can be made easier by talking about it with friends and relatives. They can congratulate you as you check off another day, week, and month as a nonsmoker. Tell the people close to you that you might be tense for a while, so they know what to expect. They'll be sympathetic when you have an urge to smoke and can be counted on to help you resist it. Remember to call on your friends when you're lonely or you feel an urge to smoke. A buddy system is a great technique.

Not smoking is habit-forming

Good for you! You've made a commitment not to smoke, and by using this manual, you know what to do if you're tempted to forget that commitment. It's difficult to stay a nonsmoker once you've had a cigarette, so do everything possible to avoid it.

If you follow the advice in this booklet and use at least one coping skill whenever you have an urge to smoke, you will have quit for good.

Relapse: If you do smoke again