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Bellow is a step by step guide for you to stop smoking without falling victim to relapse and weight gain. We have researched this information extensively and believe that it is the best and most effective way to win the battle against nicotine addiction. Print out this manual and keep it with you if necessary. Being and X-Smoker myself, I can assure you that these steps work. Good luck, and welcome to your healthier future.

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Let's Begin...


Decide positively that you want to quit. There are no if's, and's, or butt's, that's it! Your quitting! Try to avoid negative thoughts about how difficult it might be, and concentrate on the benefits of success.

Studies of smokers who successfully quit smoking show that one of the most important  traits of a successful quitter is their belief that they have the ability to quit smoking. Remember, anyone can quit smoking. It does not matter about age, health, or how long you've been smoking. Half of all people who have ever smoked have quit.

List all the reasons that you want to quit. Every night before going to bed, repeat one of the reasons 5 times and think about why that particular reason is important to you.

Develop strong personal reasons in addition to your health and obligations to others. For example, think of all the time you waste by taking cigarette breaks, rushing out to buy a pack, searching for a light, etc.

Successful people in all walks of life become successful through planning. The same is true for smokers who successfully quit smoking. You must create a plan that you will follow daily.

Begin to condition yourself physically: Start a simple but efficient exercise program. Now this does not mean that you have to run out and get a gym membership. At least pick up the pace a bit, a swift walk around the block or a bike ride would do if that is something that you body is not used to. Drink more fluids; get plenty of rest; and avoid fatigue.

Research shows that smokers who take up a regular exercise program have a much higher quit-smoking success rate. The higher the level of activity, the higher the success rate. Smoking and exercise simply aren’t compatible. A Gallup Poll found that smokers who exercised were twice as likely to quit smoking versus smokers who did not exercise.

Cigarettes do alleviate stress for many smokers. When you give up cigarettes, your stress level likely will rise. Exercise is an excellent stress reliever and can replace your dependence on cigarettes for stress relief.

list of some of the most common benefits of exercise