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More about us: is a web site dedicated to helping people quit smoking. No matter where you are in the world, or what you do with your life, you can be a healthier and happier person without smoking cigarettes. But quitting smoking isn't always easy. Nicotine, a drug found in cigarettes, is one of the most heavily used addictive drugs in the United States. Cigarette smoking has been the most popular method of taking nicotine since the beginning of the 20th century. It takes a dedicated focus on wanting to quit. There is no thinking about quitting smoking, you must make a decision and follow through. It is important that you realize the true dangers of nicotine on the body.

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Numbers using NHS Stop Smoking Services in decline for the second year
20 Aug 2014 at 5:00am
The number of people that set a quit date(2) (586,340) through the NHS Stop Smoking Services in 2013/14 has declined by 19 per cent since 2012/13 (724,250), a new report from the Health and Social...
Grandchild's growth may be affected if grandmother smoked during pregnancy
20 Aug 2014 at 4:00am
A UK study published in the American Journal of Human Biology has found that smoking during pregnancy has discernible effects on the growth of a woman's future grandkids.
Intervention helps smokers quit following hospital stay
19 Aug 2014 at 4:00pm
Among hospitalized adult smokers who wanted to quit, a postdischarge intervention that included automated telephone calls and free medication resulted in higher sustained smoking cessation rates at...
Increased stroke risk associated with low education, smoking and hypertension
19 Aug 2014 at 3:00am
Adults smokers with limited education face a greater risk of stroke than those with a higher education, according to new research in the American Heart Association's journal Stroke.
EU policy shift on tobacco control after massive industry lobbying
15 Aug 2014 at 4:00am
A study has tracked how the dominance of language that first appeared in tobacco industry's submissions gradually crept into the final drafts of the European tobacco directive passed by the European...
Smokers with low education 'may have greater risk of stroke'
15 Aug 2014 at 3:00am
Adults smokers with lower education face a greater risk of stroke than those with a higher education, according to new research in the American Heart Association?s journal Stroke.
Association between US immigration and rise in smoking among Latinos and Asians
14 Aug 2014 at 3:00am
Immigration to the U.S. may result in increased smoking in Latino and Asian women, according to new research from sociologists at Rice University, Duke University and the University of Southern...
Leading cancer organizations urge FDA to regulate all tobacco products
13 Aug 2014 at 5:00am
The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), in a joint letter responding to a proposal by the U.S.
Prison tobacco control policies and deaths from smoking in United States pris...
6 Aug 2014 at 5:00am
Prison smoking bans are associated with a substantial reduction in deaths from smoking related causes, such as heart disease and cancer, finds a US study published on today.
'Many cancer survivors continue to smoke,' study shows
6 Aug 2014 at 3:00am
Despite the negative effect that smoking has on cancer recovery and survival, as many as 17.2% of people continue to smoke after their cancer diagnosis for certain types of cancer.
Only 1 in 10 smokers who visited a dentist received advice to quit
31 Jul 2014 at 12:00pm
Not all smokers receive tobacco cessation advice from health care providers (HCPs), according to a study from Ohio State University.
New scientific review: current evidence suggests potential benefits of e-ciga...
31 Jul 2014 at 3:00am
A major scientific review of available research on the use, content, and safety of e-cigarettes has concluded that - although long-term health effects of e-cigarette use are unknown - compared with...
Reducing nicotine in tobacco products could lead to an increase in DNA damage
30 Jul 2014 at 3:00am
A new in vitro study has revealed that nicotine and cotinine, a metabolite of nicotine, can potentially inhibit DNA damage caused by a certain carcinogen in smoke.
Combination nicotine replacement therapy boosts success rate for smokers look...
29 Jul 2014 at 5:00am
Uninsured smokers who used nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) patches in combination with NRT lozenges nearly doubled their quit rates when using the support of a quitline, according to a study...
In lung cancer study false positives not found to increase anxiety
29 Jul 2014 at 4:00am
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently recommended computerized tomography (CT) lung screening for people at high risk for cancer, but a potential problem with CT is that many patients will...

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